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7pc Tableware Set | Blue

7pc Tableware Set | Blue

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Mae Tableware Sets are ideal for any meal. Great for any age including littles that are just starting to eat. Made from 100% food-grade silicone and free of nasty chemicals or fillers.


MAE PLATE: Our 4 compartment plates are thick, durable and easy to stack for easy storage. Compartments are deeper than what you find in store and they suction. Each plate comes with a silicone lid so you can store uneaten food easily. 

MAE CUP: Our exclusive Mae Cups are perfect for every stage of learning and even great for a late night ice cream treat for you! Use as a straw cup, sippy cup, open cup AND a snack cup!

MAE BOWL: Silicone bowl is great for little ones learning to self-feed, or more experienced eaters using utensils. Bowl has absolutely NO PLASTIC and is perfectly sized for baby and toddler portions. Bowl also suctions.

Spoon + Fork Set: Silicone spoon and fork training utensils for babies & toddlers! This set is perfect for babies learning to fed themselves. Teething safe - Please hand wash due to anti-bacterial beech wood

PLATE - 8.75" X 6.75" + 1.5” Tall. BOWL - 4.75” across, 2.5” tall, and 2” deep. UTENSIL SET - approx 5.5" long


All of our items are made with 100% food grade silicone and natural beech wood.


All silicone items can be washed in the dishwasher!

For items containing wood or metal: Hand wash with soap + water, lay flat to dry. Can use baby wipes to clean off as well.


Shaker Rattle is 3rd party tested + CPSC Certified. Replace if any damage is noticed. Items are pull tested before packaging.

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Customer Reviews

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Holly J.
Great Deal!

This set is GREAT! The suction on the plate is seriously wonderful! My 19 month old cannot get it off her tray; and trust me she’s a strong gal! This set is so perfect to start off with when you are starting BLW & introducing solids! Honestly having all the compartments checks me as I make the kiddos plates to make sure I have all the food groups! I would definitely recommend these; definitely worth the money!


The baby toy that you love listening to. The classic heirloom toy that you will have from baby announcment to babys shadow box.