Thumper | Bunny Teether

Thumper | Bunny Teether

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This handmade bunny teether is the prefect addition to any Easter basket! A one-of-a-kind teether featuring buttery soft silicone beads and a natural beech wood bead nose! 



• Easy to grab by small hands
• Helps infants develop fine motor skills
• Simple but pleasing look


• Buttery soft food grade silicone beads
• Measures roughly 4" x 4.5"
• Our products are durable and each one is “pull tested” before packaging
• Please visit the “Safety + Care” tab for detailed information on the materials we use and how to care for them.


Wash before first use. It is recommended you spot clean our products with a soapy cloth, rinse and pat dry, focusing on metal/wood items. Never submerge wood or metal items in water. If wood is looking dry, rub with coconut oil or beeswax. Never leave baby unattended with this product.  

Due to the nature of these products, they should be regularly checked for stability before play. If damage has occurred, discard immediately.

Ages 0-18 months